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Miss KMS Contest Rules

Contestants MUST be 21 years of age or older.
Contestants will be judged on poise, physical attributes, personality and crowd reaction.
Each contestant will be scored by a panel of judges.
In case of a tie, both contestants would be declared the winner and share the prizes equally.

By participating in the 2017 Miss KMS Contest, each contestant agrees to the rules and conditions of the contest, as stated in the waiver for participation provided by the KMS directors. ANY violation for the above stated rules will be grounds for disqualification and ANY participant found in violation of the rules will IMMEDIATELY be dismissed from the grounds of the venue with security escort.

Participation Waiver
Any contestant in the Miss KMS Contest shall hold harmless and indemnify the chairman, directors and anyone associated with Koss MotorSports LLC  and their respective officers, staff, members and all persons either directly or indirectly related from any liability, claim, loss, damage, injury or harm to any entrant, participant, or their companions, arising from any act, omission or negligence whether directly or indirectly arising from the operation of the contest.

As additional consideration in participation in the Miss KMS Contest, ALL contestants agree to be bound by the rules as amended and hereby authorize and grant KMS the right to photograph them and use their picture and silhouette and other reproduction of their physical or vocal likeness in connection with promotion, advertising, or any other publicizing of the Miss KMS Contest and the KMS Drift Series and KMS Country Series.  

Finals Prizes:
1st Place Winner: Title 2017 Miss KMS *$500 in Cash & Prizes
Runner Up: $250 in Cash & Prizes
2nd Runner Up: $100 in Cash & Prizes

*The duties of Miss KMS include, but are not limited to: assisting at the awards presentation for requested events, attending Championship Final Event and  Finals Banquet, and any other need deemed necessary by the chairman of the KMS Series Championship.